Webinar: CLO Magazine

Turn Your Content into a Competitive Advantage

Modern organizations invest tremendous resources into crafting core messaging, from customer training resources to product information to your unique vision and values.

But too often, that content isn’t leveraged to its fullest potential.  

In this joint webinar with CLO Magazine, Xyleme Chief Strategy Officer Leslie Farinella breaks down how reevaluating your content strategy and investing in the right technology can help organizations turn learning content into a competitive advantage to improve employee engagement and drive content management ROI. 


What will you learn?

This webinar explores how content drives business outcomes, and how the right content strategy — supported by the right technology can help organizations:

  • Drive a competitive advantage by reducing the time & costs associated with content development & deployment

  • Improve employee engagement by increasing personalization & putting content in the flow of work

  • Support growth & expansion by simplifying content delivery, maintenance & translation at scale